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At Outback Traders we are proud to stock American Hat Company products.

At Outback Traders we are proud to stock this prestigious range of products. Made in USA from the highest quality materials, the American Hat Co range of hats are worn by the worlds best rodeo champion cowboys.  Rangers, ranchers and stockmen alike love this product. This legacy of durability, functionality and style that can handle even the toughest environments is now available to Australians. Our collection of quality American-made cowboy hats are suitable for all environments, providing shelter from both downpours and harsh sun.

Offered in both felt and straw, these hats have been an enduring symbol of American vitality and hardiness since 1915, helping people in the roughest environments get the job done. Constructed from either top quality straw or the highest quality of beaver, mink or rabbit fur, each hat’s waterproof construction means that even in the land of droughts and flooding rains, you’ll be protected.

Provided in a wide range of colours and styles, there’s a hat to suit every occupation and lifestyle. At Outback Traders, we offer the opportunity to have precisely the hat you want; pick from a huge range of styles and materials and have a hat that is truly your own. From classic ivory-coloured straw to more daring herringbone and wave patterns in a variety of shades, our straw collection offers an impressive range. The same for our felt collection; choose from chocolate, silver, classic black and more.

Browse our selection of high-quality American Hat Co designs and find the perfect piece for your lifestyle. Whether you’re a working stockman or city-dweller with a taste for country stylings, they’re sure to impress.

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