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Ariat Western Footwear

Discover Ariat Western Footwear 

At Outback Traders, we are stoked to stock Australia’s best range of superior Ariat Boots for sale.

Authentic Craftsmanship, superior performance features, exquisite artistic detail!

We offer a broad assortment of styles. Outback Traders stock a variety of boots for western lifestyle, suiting everyone from working cowboys to fashion-obsessed city-slickers.

Discover Popular Ariat Boots

Ariat delivers a variety of boots for western life.

Beautiful boots, handcrafted from premium leathers; designed with authentic detail. Ariat’s proprietary advanced footbed technology delivers performance, protection and stability on even the roughest terrain. Feel comfortable and reduce fatigue during even the longest shifts and discover why Ariat is the preferred brand for people working in the tough Australian environment.

Superior craftsmanship, unparalleled performance features and an assortment of outsole and toe styles mean you have real choice. Don’t just settle for functional work boots; get a pair that looks as good as it works. Available in a wide variety of styles and colours, you’ll be able to add a personal touch to your workwear while still benefitting from a great level or protection and durability.


Our mid-level technology offers optimal stability and all-day comfort for performance you can depend on.

Ariat Technology

Delivers maximum side-to-side stability with lightweight cushioning for all-around comfort and reduced foot fatigue.

Outsoles Technology

When the weather’s not cooperating, you want a boot you can trust to protect you from the elements.

Additional Features

Men's Western Toe Profiles

Ariat’s Western Collection includes a variety of toe pro les. Look for the TOE description to see what pro les are offered in each style.


Ariat’s Western Collection includes a variety of heel pro les. Look for the HEEL description to see what pro les are offered in each style.

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