Welcome to Outback traders Australia

Welcome to Outback traders Australia
 Outback Traders AustraliaG’day, it’s Allan king here

I want to tell you a story
About how Outback Traders came to be...

Many (many) moons ago….
I was a young lad growing up in the south of Western Australia.
It was the 1960s and in those days we listened to a lot of radio.
Consequently, I was heavily influenced by the music of the time.
Johnny Cash, Loretta Lyn, and George Jones just to name a few.

In my spare time, I would read adventure stories for hours on end
I was fascinated by the Outback, the Frontier, and the Wild Wild West,
These Adventurers and Cowboys became my heroes.

By the time I was 19, I had finished my training and I was restless
So I set out to discover Australia and all it had to offer.
Little did I know that It was the beginning of a much bigger journey.

I had no idea how it would build profound relationships
That it would lead to deep and lasting friendships and experiences
With many people from all walks of life

Over the next few years,
I travelled twice around this big and beautiful country,
On an old British motorcycle. A Norton Commando.
Oil and thunder, the open road.

Eventually I decided to make my home in the Northern Territory
It was the last frontier in an ancient land.
I began to connect deeply with the bush and the Territory way of life
Of outback communities, aboriginal culture, and the cattle industry.

The Territory was such a magical place and I was hooked…
It was a place of adventure and outlaws
And it fired my passion for Boots, Hats, and all that Cowboy stuff.

In 1991 some friends convinced me to become a Hawker.
So I loaded up my truck with some gear and hit the road.
Outback Traders was born!

In the early days, I travelled extensively throughout the
Northern Territory and The Kimberly’s.
Time passed and I ventured east and south,
From desert to coast through much of the Australian Outback,
The rest is history…..

Our journey in creating Outback Traders is why we are different.
We’re not a traditional “profit at all cost” business.
Our deep connection to the spirit of the land and its people
Is what sets us apart.
We believe in values, integrity, and service

It’s this ‘no cutting corners’ approach that sets us apart.
We work hard and we are grateful and honoured that you have shown an interest in us.
Your patronage will surely help Outback Traders continue to be of service.
On behalf of my staff and family,
Thank you

Allan King,
Founder of Outback Traders Australia

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